RISO 9150


Providing spot and full colour documents at a print speed of 150 pages per minute, the RISO Com Color 9150 is the fastest printer of its kind. Designed for all your professional needs, it delivers long-running reliability and a professional advantage in mid-to high-volume print environments. The Com Colour 9150 combines high productivity with low running costs, increased reliability, and superior performance.

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  • Ultra fast up to 150ppm
  • Compact
  • Incredibly reliable
  • Capable of 500,000 prints a month
  • Environmental class leader with low energy consumption and no harmful emissions
  • From workgroup (office) printer/copier to high volume production printer

Purchasing & Leasing Options

What is Apple Rental:  Apple Rent is great for organisations that do not want to lease or purchase Printers/MFP’s so there is no long term commitment.

Our Apple Rent agreement covers maintaining the Printer for you by fixing any issue you have, supplying parts and toner but excludes paper.

Our Apple Rent is a great opportunity for new business setting up. We will provide this service for any business, we just want you to enjoy and understand your MFP.

There will be no fixed terms and no minimum or maximum charge for the amount of copies used.

Apple will conduct regular reviews to make sure that you are happy with your MFP.

Purchasing a Printer/Risograph can be a rather large cost to some organisations so here at Apple we offer a Lease Agreement which can spread the cost over a fixed term for you.

Apple Office can offer you a Lease spread over 3 or 5 years which is then paid either quarterly or monthly over the fixed term.

The leasing agreement covers the whole range of Equipment, so whether you print a large volume or smaller volume we will arrange a leasing solution for your business.

Why not undertake a free print audit with Apple Office, we can help you with your right print solution for your needs at a great price.

Apple Office will review any existing Printers/MFP’s and look at any potential savings there are to be made.

To discover the benefits of managed print and to demonstrate how a solution will work for your organisation then please contact us.

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