We operate in a corporate culture of environmental concern. We are totally committed to conservation both in principle and in practise and have established an affective and comprehensive company-wide policy. Environmental issues are actively addressed and we consistently promote a "green" approach to all aspects of our business. The objective is to ensure that future generations reap the benefits of today's actions and reactions.

The company dedicated to developing recycling system with regard to machines, packaging and consumer products. We are also introducing recycling schemes whereby some of our products contain recycled parts. As part of this scheme, we have now introduced machine recycling.

To meet the requirements of our customers there has been an active programme to refurbish and recondition machines to a standard that meets or exceeds their original specification. This action allows us to extend the machine life avoiding their unnecessary early disposal. At their "end life", the machines are stripped of serviceable parts before being disposed of locally in accordance with the local legal requirements.

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