UCHIDA Table Top Collator

Uchida Collator UC-1100 efficiently collates a wide variety of papers at the maximum cost performance. The center feed system eliminates the need to re-position the booklet maker and trimmer each time the paper size is changed. You can now install the system in a permanent station. Naturally, Uchida's reliable paper feed system, proven throughout the world, has been kept in the same precise structure as it is constructed. The UC-1100 can also be connected by signal with major booklet makers available in the market. It is suitable not only for professional printer applications but also for in-house printing, quick copy/print shops, schools, and many other users.

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  • User-friendly operation panel
  • Detachable large feed tray
  • Center feed tray
  • Quick setting of paper feed pressure
  • Stacking table for various paper sizes
  • Two collators can be linked
  • Connection with booklet makers


  • Number of station: 10 stations (10 stations x 2 towers connectable)
  • Paper size:
    – Max - 328x469mm (A3SR) [12.9" x 18.5"]
    – Min - 95x150mm (Post card) [3.8" x 5.9"]
  • Speed: Center feed with friction roller system
  • Station capacity: 28mm (approx. 350 sheet of 64g/m2 paper [1.1"]
  • Paper stacking system: Straight or criss-cross stacking
  • Stacking capacity: 65mm (approx. 880 sheet of 64g/m2 paper) [2.6"]
  • Counter: Both 4 digits addition and preset subtraction
  • Feed error detection: Empty feed, paper jam, double feed, no paper
  • Other detection: Stacker full, paper eject jam, back door open, station in use, paper check at each station, after processing unit error by signal relay
  • Programming mode: Alternate collation mode, Insertion mode, Program insertion for slip booklet mode, Program insertion for front and back cover mode
  • Connection to booklet maker: Uchida USF-2300 and major booklet makers
  • Power source: 110, 117, 220, 230 or 240VAC, 50 or 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 220W
  • Dimensions: 545mm(W) x 740mm(D) x 1,056mm(H) [21.5"(W) x 29.1"(D) x 41.6"(H)]
  • Weight: 76Kg [167.5lbs]
  • Standard accessories: Paper feed table, Straight/Chris-Cross stacker
  • Optional accessories:
    – Height fixed collator table - 860mm(W) x 520mm(D) x 550mm(H), 18.8Kg [33.9"(W) x 20.5"(D) x 21.7"(H), 41lbs
    – Height adjustable collator table - 860mm(W) x 520mm(D) x 650mm(H), 21.1Kg [33.9"(W) x 20.5"(D) x 25.6" to 27.6"(H), 46.5lbs
    – Connecting cable with connector for booklet makers

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