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Auto Feed Folding Machine


  • Adjustable from B7 to A3 paper
  • 500 sheet feed tray capacity
  • Folds up to 9,000 sheets per hour
  • Efficient 3 roller paper feed system
  • Feeds 45 to 160gsm paper single fold
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Manual 'quick adjust' fold plates
  • 4 digit add, subtract and auto repeat counter





Auto feed A3 Folding Machine


  • 500 sheet feed tray capacity
  • Folds up to 10,000 sheets per hour
  • Versatile counter
  • Subtraction and repeat functions
  • Feeds 45 to 160gsm paper, single fold
  • Push button operation to set different folds
  • Memory store feature for custom folds
  • Optional perf unit available
  • Efficient 3 roller paper feed system
  • Sound hoods on folding plates to reduce noise



UCHIDA Table Top Collator

Uchida Collator UC-1100 efficiently collates a wide variety of papers at the maximum cost performance. The center feed system eliminates the need to re-position the booklet maker and trimmer each time the paper size is changed. You can now install the system in a permanent station. Naturally, Uchida's reliable paper feed system, proven throughout the world, has been kept in the same precise structure as it is constructed. The UC-1100 can also be connected by signal with major booklet makers available in the market. It is suitable not only for professional printer applications but also for in-house printing, quick copy/print shops, schools, and many other users.


  • User-friendly operation panel
  • Detachable large feed tray
  • Center feed tray
  • Quick setting of paper feed pressure
  • Stacking table for various paper sizes
  • Two collators can be linked
  • Connection with booklet makers

Further Information


  • Number of station: 10 stations (10 stations x 2 towers connectable)
  • Paper size:
    – Max - 328x469mm (A3SR) [12.9" x 18.5"]
    – Min - 95x150mm (Post card) [3.8" x 5.9"]
  • Speed: Center feed with friction roller system
  • Station capacity: 28mm (approx. 350 sheet of 64g/m2 paper [1.1"]
  • Paper stacking system: Straight or criss-cross stacking
  • Stacking capacity: 65mm (approx. 880 sheet of 64g/m2 paper) [2.6"]
  • Counter: Both 4 digits addition and preset subtraction
  • Feed error detection: Empty feed, paper jam, double feed, no paper
  • Other detection: Stacker full, paper eject jam, back door open, station in use, paper check at each station, after processing unit error by signal relay
  • Programming mode: Alternate collation mode, Insertion mode, Program insertion for slip booklet mode, Program insertion for front and back cover mode
  • Connection to booklet maker: Uchida USF-2300 and major booklet makers
  • Power source: 110, 117, 220, 230 or 240VAC, 50 or 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 220W
  • Dimensions: 545mm(W) x 740mm(D) x 1,056mm(H) [21.5"(W) x 29.1"(D) x 41.6"(H)]
  • Weight: 76Kg [167.5lbs]
  • Standard accessories: Paper feed table, Straight/Chris-Cross stacker
  • Optional accessories:
    – Height fixed collator table - 860mm(W) x 520mm(D) x 550mm(H), 18.8Kg [33.9"(W) x 20.5"(D) x 21.7"(H), 41lbs
    – Height adjustable collator table - 860mm(W) x 520mm(D) x 650mm(H), 21.1Kg [33.9"(W) x 20.5"(D) x 25.6" to 27.6"(H), 46.5lbs
    – Connecting cable with connector for booklet makers


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Foldnak M2


Bookletmaker brochures are the most professional way of presenting brochures, manuals, instructions, price lists and much more. Brochures are required in almost every office, in marketing, distribution and documentation departments, copy-shops, churches, schools, clubs and associations. Bookletmaker brochures can be opened completely flat without the spine breaking. Loop staples make onerous drilling superfluous. Costs per binding are negligible.

The Bookletmaker makes effective use of the brochure function of your copier or printer.The printed paper is automatically turned into a brochure.

This makes it possible to produce brochures on demand. No need to throw away out-of-date brochures, no storage, short delivery times.

Ideal for implants or low volume on demand applications, the Foldnak M2 is entry-level model that will produce finished booklets from A6 to SRA3. Can supplied as bench-top or free standing unit. Can take flat staples and loop staples.


  • Speed: 500 books per hour
  • Dimensions: L 490mm x W 510mm x H 290mm
  • Electrical Requirements: 230v 50hz
  • Product Weight: 35Kg


Further Information

For further information on options or a quotation please fill out our enquiry form or email our sales team.

Foldnak 40


This highly popular mid-range machine produces 100 page booklets of 80 gsm paper. Simple to use and fast to set up, the Foldnak 40 is fitted with sensor that check the correct alignment of pages for optimum accuracy. It produce booklets in sizes to SRA3. Can take flat staples and loop staples.

Industrial stapling heads, loop staples as standard feature, staple exactly on the fold thanks to patented Foldnak principle, accurate release by photocell.

CD booklets up to SRA3 sizes, any size in between, up to 100 pages/80 gsm, up to 4 industrial staplers.

Infeed belt makes hand-feeding easier, goes inline to collators, fast inline change of sheet size by link stand with sliding table.

Production of booklets, price lists, manuals, CD booklets etc. Processes all qualities of paper taken from photocopiers, small offset presses, duplicators, printers and reprographic equipment. Reprographic departments, quick printers, copy shops, inhouse printing departments.

To a collator the Foldnak 40 produces up to 1.500 booklets/hour. Connects to most table top collators. It will monitor all messages from your collator during the production run to avoid any faulty product. Connection to a collator is retrofittable.

Industrial Stapler
Particulary robust design, replaceable wear parts, quick-fit lock allows easy cleaning, uses loop or normal staples.

Sheet size setup
Without the need to realign your collator to the bookletmaker is made possible by the Nagel Link-Stand with sliding table. Shift your collator effortless, precise and fast by hand wheel. Easy positioning independent of the collator's paperpath.


  • Speed: 1500 books per hour
  • Dimensions: L 600mm x W 520mm x H 880mm
  • Electrical Requirements: 230v 50hz
  • Product Weight: 60Kg


Further Information

For further information on options or a quotation please fill out our enquiry form or email our sales team.