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Providing Service, Sales & Rental of New & Fully Refurbished Riso’s, Colour & Mono Copiers/Printers.



Specialising in Churches & Charities. Print your own Magazines etc on the Risograph Digital Printer. Add colour to your publications.



Fast, ultra low cost production of campaign and party documents, particulary for targeted canvassing to ensure success in your constituency.   



Catering for all reprographic needs.Print Management, make substantial savings on your print expenditure, lower your carbon footprint.



A new user is emerging as graphic artists around the world embrace the unique qualities of Riso printing. The now famous Riso Digital Printer and Apple Office can tailor the best package for your needs. See below what the publication Creative Review say about the Riso along with The Manchester School of Art. 

"We purchased our Risograph printer from Apple Office Equipment a couple of years ago for the Manchester School of Art. The machine lives in the bookbinding workshop and is very popular with the students. It is used for making printed material for graphics projects, marketing posters and flyers for student events and much much more! Nick, Nigel and everybody at Apple Office are brilliant, espacially when handling our sometimes unusual questions and requests!" Caitlin Howard - Assistant Technical Officer, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Creative Review 1


Creative Review 2

 Risograph printing now turned into an Art Form. The technology is fast gaining the favour of artists and designers.